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With over 25,000 goalies as your competition, what will separate you from the pack? You need to get ahead in every area possible, you need to know exactly how an elite goalie thinks, acts, and trains. This is your chance to learn from two WHL goaltenders to learn every technique in the position of goaltending. Your coaches, Griffen & Michael are opening the doors and allowing you to see how their game is structured, what systems they use, and of course the techniques that are mandatory for any goalie to play at a high level. 


Start making your dreams become a reality.

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Don't make guesses and take risks on your path to your end goal, follow a process that will take you there. The Academy is designed to teach you the skills necessary to play high levels, show you how to build a powerful mindset, train you to get in the best shape of your life and have functional muscle strength, and most importantly... GUIDE YOU. 

Coach Isaac works with goaltenders throughout the year, he has the experience to make your distant dreams of playing at a high level become attainable. 

In this Academy you will see both your game and yourself change completely, you will realize why the best athletes became unstoppable and were not match to others because of the mindset they built and work ethic they developed when they were young. You will learn exactly what is stopping you from being the chosen one, the goalie who every one talks about, and the one who made the impossible... possible. 

What will you learn in the academy?

Movement Efficiency

Positioning Systems

Advanced Save Selection

Post Save Response

Reading the Play

Team Tactics

What mental skills will you learn?

Understanding your true motivation

Creating powerful beliefs

Raising your standards

Challenging your fears

Controlling your emotions

Strong body = Strong mind

Every athlete needs a mentor... how about 4?

Griffen Outhouse - Victoria Royals, WHL


The best way to learn something quickly is to have someone show you, ideally someone with experience - like the coaches in the Elite Goalie Academy.

- Griffen Outhouse (Victoria Royals, WHL) started playing minor hockey in Williams Lake, BC. He moved his way up playing rep and academy hockey before making it onto the Caribou Cougars in the BC Major Midget League. In a wild season playing for the Cougars Griffen and the team ended up finding themselves in the final game in the Mac's International Midget Tournament. In a heart-stopping double OT, Griffen made back to back outstanding saves to give his team a fighting chance and propelling his team to get the puck in the back of the net and win the Tournament. From there Griffen was scouted by the Victoria Royals and invited to their annual rookie camp. The team wasn't expecting much from the 16 year old other than to hopefully develop some future talent for the team, Griffen had an outstanding camp and ended up getting picked up by the Royals to back-up veteran netminder Coleman Vollrath. Griffen had a major adjustment going from playing midget to the Wester Hockey League and it showed in his first view games, but he settled down, got comfortable and finished the season posting a .937SVS%. Griffen is now in his 3rd season with the Royals and knows that this year will be a big one as his team got knocked out of the playoffs just barely last year and he is coming back for revenge.  

Follow your dreams & Work Hard...

It will pay off

If there is any mentor that can teach you about believing in your dreams & goals and persevering till you see them become true, it's Griffen Outhouse.

Michael Herringer - Kelowna Rockets, WHL (Now CIS)


Michael Herringer started playing hockey in his outdoor rink in Comox, BC, he wasn't a goalie but a forward and played as a forward until Atom hockey when he realized that the goalie got to stay on the ice the whole game which immediately peaked his attention. He transitioned to the goalie position and his late start as a goalie may have been what helped him play so well today, Mike is well known for his speed, athleticism, and mainly his skating ability today. Mike made his local rep hockey team, and in his second year of Bantam got drafted by the Victoria Royals. He played another season of Midget before becoming the back-up for the Victoria Cougars in the VIJHL, his career was really starting to pave way up till this point. The next two hockey seasons saw up’s and downs for Michael, starting his first couple WHL games before getting dropped down to Junior B, then being picked up by the Saskatoon Blades of the WHL and working hard for a spot on the team but after a short stint he was released and was back playing Junior B hockey, his mind was at the point of possibly giving up hockey once he recognized the uncertainty of his playing career. Things changed in the coming weeks, the Kelowna Rockets picked up Michael from waivers, they saw something in him and gave him a chance to hold a spot as back-up to their current starting goalie. That season took Michael all the way to a WHL championship run where he posted a .913 SVS% during regular season and .934 SVS% in playoffs, still as a back-up. The following season was where Michael finally hit his stride, the starting goaltender went down with a season ending injury and the role was given to Michael for the rest of the season, it was an adjustment process to say the least but he finally found his true game and started playing better and with more consistency. The 2016-2017 season found Michael starting 55 games, at this point he needed to be consistent and give his team an opportunity to win every night, and he did just that. Michael has now aged out of the WHL and is starting his season playing for the University of Alberta, he’s at another step in his career and is at a point where he feels really confident in his game, every season is now an opportunity for him to turn pro.  

Everyday is an opportunity at greatness

Trust the process

If there is anyone who will push you to become your best today so you can grab opportunities when they appear, it's Michael. His experience will help guide you during the times where you may not know your game or yourself and will help you become confident in yourself and consistent in your game.

Isaac Stevens (Goalie Coach) & Denon Maximchuk (Physical Trainer)


Isaac Stevens is a goalie coach from British Columbia and has worked with goalies of all ages and levels, he had lunch with Griffen & Michael in the summer of 2017 and got caught up in the thought of bringing the skills and knowledge of a Major-junior goalie to a regular bantam or midget goalie. This small idea has turned into the what is now the Elite Goalie Academy, a platform for dissecting how two Major-junior goaltenders play their game, everything from their skating to their systems of play. Coach Isaac will take you through a 6-month long guide of discovering the secrets of elite goaltending and developing you into an elite goaltender. Each week in the academy you will receive 3-4 videos breaking down one of the techniques that Griffen or Michael use in their game. Coach Isaac also specializes in mindset training – understanding why you are the way you are and how to become the person you want to become… it all stems from the mindset you have day to day. Each week in the academy you will also be receiving 2-3 mindset videos where a specific mental training topic is discussed, these mindset sessions will help you truly understand yourself.

Denon Maximchuk is a physical trainer from Vancouver who specializes in work with high performing athletes from a multitude of sports. He will handle the off-ice physical training portion of the academy where you will receive a training program including exercises based on what point you are at in the hockey season, and a nutrition plan, Denon will also have bi-weekly videos in the academy discussing a variety of topics that are crucial for every athlete to know.

Where passion goes, greatness flows

These coaches will get the most out of you

Isaac & Denon are professional coaches who at their core believe that any client can reach the goals they have, no matter how big or unattainable they may seem. It's often said that a great coach will make the impossible seem possible, and the coaches in the academy will certainly hold you accountable to your highest standard ensuring you reach your highest potential and get the most out of this course. 


6-Month long course

5-8 Videos/ week

14-Day money back refund

Fully online course

Content released weekly

For Bantam & Midget goalies


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